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01. December 2016
Hamburg: what to do in winter
Hamburg is a beautiful city with interesting history and great vibes. It is famous for it’s harbor and the amazing “Speicherstadt”. It is also famous for its weather. Hamburg is located directly on the river Elbe, close to the North Sea and Baltic Sea. It is often cold, rainy and windy. Especially in winter there is little sun and a lot of short, grey days. However, Hamburg is amazing at any time of the year, if you know how to use this time. What to do in Hamburg if the weather is bad? I...
22. February 2016
Hamburg Harbour
Hamburg is one of the most amazing cities in Germany. I consider myself very lucky that I have accidentally landed here three and a half years ago, and stayed. Hamburg is an international, open-minded city with a long history and truly amazing sights. Today I call this city my home. Very often my family and friends from abroad come for a visit. Every time someone says that they are coming over, I have to plan their stay and a tour of the city. So, I decided to put together a list of my favorite...