GlobalMary —  global life and travel blogger

What is it like to live abroad? How to travel the world having a full-time job? What are the best travel tips for the coolest destinations?... Hi! My name is Maria and I created this blog to share my travel experience and motivate you to follow your dream of traveling the world.

I originally come from Russia and I have already lived in Sweden and Germany. I currently live in Hamburg, a beautiful and amazing city.

I work full-time and travel a lot! Yes, it's possible. How do I do it? I share my tips in my blog! I believe that traveling or/and living abroad changes your life forever. It opens your eyes and your heart to new cultures, people and places. In my blog I share my passion for traveling and my experience about what it means to live a global life. 

Disclaimer: English is not my native language, so if you see that there is something wrong with words in my texts, please let me know :)

What languages do I speak and why I write in English? I speak Russian, German and English and I write in English, because it's a truly global language. I have so many friends around the globe, I also want to make new friends and I want them all to understand me. 

One last thing: When I am not travelling or writing about my trips, I earn money for my adventures. And I do that in the best way possible - working for Jimdo! Jimdo allows to build websites in the easiest and most enjoyable way possible, enabling people to be creative without any complicated code stuff. My beautiful website is built with Jimdo, of course. I am too busy enjoying my life to waste my time on learning the code!