Getting around Sintra
Europe · 21. March 2017
There are no words to describe how much I love Sintra! I love going there every time I visit Portugal, if I have a chance. Sintra is located just 30 km away from Lisbon and is easily accessible by car or public transportation. The beauty and the history of the place is something that brings a lot of tourists every year. It is not just another touristy destination, though. Sintra has an incredible energy, interesting history and is definitely a spot for photographers. It is a place that makes me...
Granada and its hidden gems
Europe · 30. October 2016
Granada in Spain is a huge attraction for so many people from all over the world, mainly because of the Alhambra. This palace and fortress complex is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has definitely deserved its reputation as one of the most beautiful palaces in the world. A lot of people just take a day trip to Granada to explore the Alhambra and then move on. I guess if you are limited in time, it’s an option. However, I recommend you to stay longer, experience the incredible mix of cultures...

Gibraltar, things to do, visa
Europe · 29. September 2016
Gibraltar has always been a mysterious and a distant place for me. When I was small, I imagined it as a cold, misty place where the sea is rough and ships are breaking against the high cliffs. Don’t ask me how this kind of image of Gibraltar got into my head! To be honest I never hoped to find out how it really is — it was so far away from where I was growing up. In addition, I knew my Russian passport would require a very special visa to go to this place. Years later absolutely by chance I...
great beaches in Greece
Europe · 29. August 2016
Halkidiki, also spelled Chalkidiki, is a peninsula in Northern Greece. It is located not far from Thessaloniki on the Aegean Sea and consists of three so-called “fingers”: Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos. It is a great vacation destination, which is, in my opinion, overlooked by some even experienced travelers. It seems that the gorgeous Greek islands are much more popular and there is relatively little known about the area of Halkidiki. If you are wondering what is Halkidiki like, read on.

Road trip in Portugal
Europe · 01. December 2015
Road-trip is a great way to explore any country. It’s awesome to be independent from train or bus schedules. It also means that you can actually change your route as spontaneous as you want. My first ever road-trip was in Portugal, and it was amazing. Of course, we had a plan, but having a car gave us freedom and ability to be flexible. We got a chance to visit the best places in central Portugal, and also discovered some hidden gems.
Best free attractions in London
Europe · 02. November 2015
London is one of the most fascinating and vibrant cities in the world. I wanted to visit it ever since I started to learn English, so when I finally did I was absolutely in love with it. London has so many beautiful, famous and also unusual places, and you can’t help but notice that this city is also very expensive! There are a lot of cheap flights to London from a lot of places in Europe, but prices for accommodation, food and transportation are really high. A great thing about London is...

GlobalMary in Budapest
Europe · 12. October 2015
Budapest is a great place to do some awesome sightseeing, experience the rich Eastern European culture, treat yourself to some great food, enjoy the most amazing nightlife and just relax.
Copenhagen Denmark
Europe · 05. October 2015
A longer weekend in Copenhagen is a great idea. The city is very beautiful with lots of cute quarters. If you are around and have the chance of visiting Copenhagen, do it — you’ll love the views, colors and relaxed atmosphere. This is a kind of city, where you feel comfortable and can easily find your way around just after a couple of hours being there.

Europe · 28. September 2015
Madeira is one of the Portuguese island and is just great for an active vacation with some deep-dive into the local culture. Madeira is also my most favorite island! It has a volcanic origin, amazing cliffs, unusual vegetation, beautiful mountains, delicious food, friendly people and great weather. There are so many things to do on Madeira, so I think it’s a perfect destination for an active holiday.